Responsive Bootstrap Layout for JoomGallery

Today we are announcing BootOne, a responsive layout for JoomGallery 3.x based on Bootstrap.

It leverages the power Joomla's alternative layout system and can thus be installed like any other extension through the extension manager of Joomla. Due to the same reason it is also still possible to update JoomGallery without overriding the new layout again.

This layout is currently managed on Github:
Please note that the Master branch contains the layout version for Bootstrap 2.x and the branch called 'BootThree' contains the layout version for Bootstrap 3.x.
This difference is very important as the default Joomla installation still ships with the old version 2.x of Bootstrap while many third-party templates include the new Bootstrap version 3.x.

It's very important to note that this is a pre-release, some things are still missing or are not looking like they should. We need your help with this! So please fork the BootOne repository and create pull requests.

This layout will likely become the default layout of JoomGallery 4.x (given that Bootstrap is still shipped with Joomla 4.x).

Download links:
Version for Bootstrap 2.x
Version for Bootstrap 3.x
(Please make sure to select the correct one based on which Bootstrap version your template is using)

After downloading you can install the package through the installer of Joomla. Then, you will be able to select the new layout in the menu manager while creating a menu item for JoomGallery (e.g. "Gallery View: Bootstrapped"). Additionally, you have to set the option 'Alternative Layout' in tab 'Frontend Settings' -> 'General Settings' of the configuration manager to 'bootone' in order to change the layout for the whole gallery.


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