Move to GitHub

Most certainly you realized that the development of JoomGallery slowed down a lot during the last months. We are still an Open Source project and everybody in our team works on JoomGallery in their free time which is cut short due to more important things like family, for example.
Thus, we decided to move the source code of JoomGallery into a public repository on GitHub. This way it is easier for people in the community to contribute code for bug fixes or new features.

We hope that many of you, who maybe already look around in the code to make changes that improve your personal website, will create pull requests against the JoomGallery repository or any other repository of the project. Even the smallest bug fixes help!

In the next weeks, we will move every extension that belongs to the JoomGallery projects (modules, plugins, migration scripts, ...) into their separate repositories in the JoomGallery organization on GitHub as well.

Also, we want to use GitHub as a discussion platform for the future of the gallery. For example, currently their are three issues open about the suggestion of removing certain features of JoomGallery in the coming versions:

Everybody is invited to participate in the discussions, especially if you have good reasons for not removing a certain functionality.


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