Community Builder Tab at Github

Published on Friday, 28 September 2012 09:39

Since we have concentrated very much on adding new features to JoomGallery, there was no time for developing and improving Community Builder Tab of JoomGallery, unfortunately. Now, we are starting to make JoomGallery ready for Joomla! 3 and so there still won't be any time for CB tab. Therefore, we decided to move the code of the tab to Github, so that people with more knowledge about Community Builder or other volunteers can contribute easily to the code.

On Github you can fork the repository of the tab with one click and start adding fixes or new features. After that you are able to send a pull request with your changes so that they can be reviewed and merged into the master branch. This way you are able to contribute back to the community and realize your own feature requests!

It would be very cool if you become part of that and fork the tab here:

This way the Community Builder tab will be built by the community :-)

If you have any questions about JoomGallery compatibility and other things, please feel free to open an issue at the repository on Github. We will try to solve all problems together with you so that the tab integrates perfectly into Community Builder and JoomGallery.