JoomGallery 1.5.5 MVC Stable

Together with our new site we are eventually able to publish JoomGallery 1.5.5 Stable today. The Beta testers among you know that there are many improvements and new features in this version of the gallery which we called JoomGallery MVC. This name comes from the greatest change in this version: The completely rewritten code that fully supports Joomla's MVC (Model View Controller) structure now. In conjunction with this, it is possible now to create template overrides for all views of the gallery like it is possible for the core components of JoomGallery, for example.

Through this big step forward we should also be able to adapt the gallery for Joomla 1.6 very easily. We will soon publish an article talking about our plans with the new version.

Another big new feature is the availability of batch and Java upload in frontend. So users don't need to select every singly image for uploading anymore.

For all other changes please see the list at the end of this article or the changelog file delivered with the component.

Please note that it is possible to upgrade to JoomGallery 1.5.5 by simply installing the new package over the old one without uninstalling JoomGallery afore (uninstallation would delete all data), but please remember to create a backup anyway.

Language files

Have fun with the new version!

Everyone who updates a previous version of JoomGallery to JoomGallery 1.5.5 please have a look at the following additional notices:

  • Update process which is automatically triggered while installing has to do a bit more than in previous versions. Please inspect the summary of the process conscientiously, maybe you have to click on a link to complete the update (this is mainly necessary in huge galleries). If you want to use Core SEF of Joomla, which is possible now, it is important that all aliases are build correctly. This should be done by the update process, but it shouldn't be a waste of time to make some spot tests.
  • All installed JoomGallery extensions like JoomImages, the content plugin, the search plugin and so on have to be updated, too.
  • If you have changed the CSS of JoomGallery's tooltips please have a look at the new option 'Tooltips' in tab 'Frontent Settings' -> 'General Settings' of the configuration manager (you may have to do some CSS modifications additionally).
  • One last point: Please check the menu items of JoomGallery, especially if you have created items of type 'External Link' (they have to be recreated using the different types of JoomGallery).

List of improvements and changes:

  • New plugin events: 'onJoomAfterAddFavourite', 'onJoomAfterRemoveFavourite', 'onJoomAfterClearFavourites', 'onJoomOpenImage', ''onJoomGetLastComments', 'onJoomDisplayIcons', 'onJoomDisplayUser', 'onJoomBeforeSendMessage', 'onJoomGetCaptcha', 'onJoomCheckCaptcha'.
  • GeoTagging with the help of Google Maps and the GPS information in the Exif data of the images.
  • The anchors inside of the gallery can be disabled via the configuration manager now.
  • The tooltips are also created with the help of the Mootools library now. Additionally they can be disabled now, too.
  • Batch and java upload in frontend.
  • Possibility of template overriding.
  • Select multiple images and make simulataneous changes to the images details (description, author etc.) in the image manager.
  • A new option that allows to disable the category descriptions in the gallery view.
  • A new option that allows to disable the category descriptions (sub-categories) in the category view.
  • A new option by which content plugins can be applied to all descriptions in the gallery.
  • Meta keywords und meta description for every image and every category.
  • The access level of categories can be changed directly by clicking on at the list in the category manager.
  • Improved ordering functions in the category manager (as to the list and arrows for moving a category).
  • 'Apply' buttons in the backend managers.
  • A dropdown box in the edit view of the image manager to move an image between categories.
  • The integration of the community components was removed from the configuration manager. This will work entirely via plugins from now on.
  • The default images folders were moved from the component directory into the 'images' directory of Joomla.
  • Improved slideshow with more options.
  • New manager in backend which is responsible for the maintenance of the gallery.
  • and many more small improvements.


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