Feature Requests on Uservoice

Last Updated on Friday, 26 October 2012 15:26

Since a few years already we use Uservoice where you can add feature requests and vote for them:


We would like to mention again that we want to manage feature requests only on that platform because in our forum they disappear very fast. Besides that, it is possible to identify easily on Uservoice which features are required more than others. This way we can concentrate on important features first.

So, please don't post your feature requests in our forum anymore, but use solely Uservoice for that.

Additionally we would like to define some rules here which should simplify understanding of the features for you and us:

  1. Feature requests must have a clear and understandable title.
  2. Please use the big field for an extensive description of your feature request with which people can understand the use cases.
  3. Create one entry for each request and don't put more than one in a single entry.
  4. Please use the integrated search before posting a new feature and don't create duplicates (for that you may have to use different keywords for your search).
  5. Entries must be written in English language (or German).
  6. Uservoice is used only for feature requests. Please use our forum for bugs and support questions.
  7. Of course no spam or something like that is allowed.

If one entry breaks one or more of these rules it will be removed. We hope to preserve clearness this way.

We are anxious to implement the features with the highest number of votes, but we reserve to postpone entries if they are difficult to realize with the current software architecture of the gallery. However, as long as a feature request is not declined or removed you can be sure that it is still considered for inclusion. We are just waiting for an opportunity (e.g. if other things have to be realized afore as preparations).

New features are basically only included into the JoomGallery version with the highest currently existing Main Release Number (cf. our Versioning). Simultaneously, we are supporting a JoomGallery version with smaller Main Release Number, but this one gets just bug fixes once a version with higher main release number was published.