Error loading feed data

Last Updated on Friday, 03 February 2012 10:39
Your installation of JG is able to read an RSS feed that is offered by JoomGallery server.
When the "check for updates" feature in your JG Configuration Manager is active, you will be notified whenever a new update of the gallery or one of its extensions has been published.

Unfortunately, the necessary functions and PHP extensions to properly display RSS feeds ('fsockopen' or "cURL") are deactivated on some hosts (free hosts in particular). You'll know that this is your case when you receive the following error in your JG backend:

"Error loading feed data"

In case your host is unable to activate the function 'fsockopen' for your server or for your account, we recommend to set the "check for updates" option in your configuration manager to 'no'. ( 'general settings' -> 'paths and directories'). While you will still be unable to recieve RSS feeds, the error messages will disappear.

The News Feed module in the PG admin panel also reads an RSS file. In case your server
is not configured for RSS, you may want to deactivate it as well, by unpublishing it under
module manager > administrator modules > 'joom_cpanel' > 'JoomGallery News'

If you are sure that the function 'fsockopen' is available on your server and you receive error nevertheless, please let us know in the forum.