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The content plugin JoomPlu (Download) is able to display any images of JoomGallery in articles that support content plugins (thus mostly content articles of your site).

It is possible to insert single images or all images of any specific category at once.

Please note that besides the content plugin JoomPlu also the editor button plugin JoomBu is absolutely necessary (You can download it here or install it via the admin menu of JoomGallery).

Since all images can be managed by JoomGallery (and with parameter 'Hidden'with which not all images are displayed in the actual gallery) this combination is also a good alternative for media manager of Joomla!.

After installation, please enable both of the plugins in plugin manager of Joomla!.

Then, you will see a button called 'JoomImage' while editing or creating articles (or other texts). If you click on it a pop up will be opened in which you can select the wished contents for insertion. In this context you will always be able to set some options, too.

In the following parts we will describe them more closely:

Tab "Insert Image"

In this tab single images can be selected for insertion.
This can be usefull for e.g. adding some certain images to an article.

There, you are able to set several options (all of them can be preconfigured in backend at the parameters of the content plugin). We will describe themxxxx.

In the second slider you can finally select a certain image. By clicking on one of the images it will be inserted into the text with the currently selected options. For Erleichterung of the search, there is a pagination, a filter for categories and a searchbox.

Image type
Here you can select whether the thumbnail, the detail image (medium size) or the original image (if available) of the selected image should be inserted into the article.
With most of the WYSIWYG editors you are are able to change the size after insertion via dragging the edges individually. For getting a good image quality you should only make the images smaller this way, not bigger.

With this parameter you can select how the image should behave in the textflood. If 'None' or 'Middle' is selected the textflood will be unterbrochen, sodass neben dem Bild kein Text vorhanden sein wird. Bei 'Rechts' oder 'Links' wird der Text links bzw. rechts am Bild vorbeifließen.

If the image shall be linked you can select here whether the link should point to the category view of the JoomGallery or to the detail view of the image. For the latter it depends on other settings (e.g. on the backend parameter 'Opening of the images') whether a pop up will be opened or the link will point to the default detail view of the gallery.

Linked image type
This option is only available if something else than the default detail view is selected at the backend parameter 'Opening of the images', if the detail view is linked and if the image to insert is a thumbnail. In short (mostly): If a thumbnail is inserted which links to a pop up. If that's the cases you can select here whether the pop up will display the detail image or the original image.

Alternative Text
The text which is inserted into the 'alt' attribute of the image. Mostly this field can be left empty because the image title is automatically used for that then.

Additional CSS class
For individual styling an additional CSS class can be inserted here which will be added to the link and the image element.

Linked text
If you want to link a specific text to the bigger image rather than a thumbnail you can insert that text here. If this field is left empty, the select image type will be inserted normally.

  • Since the real image paths aren't used (but an image URL to the gallery) all inserted image may be moved to other categories in the gallery afterwards without being lost in the articles.

Tab "Insert Category"

Im Gegensatz zum ersten Tab können hier mehrere Bilder gleichzeitig in einen Text eingefügt werden und zwar beliebig viele aus einer bestimmten Kategorie.

For that, the desired options must be set first (described below) and then the category can be selected via the drop down box.
By this selection the popup will be closed automatically and placeholder for the category will be inserted into the text. The placeholder gets replaced with the desired contents later on while displaying the article.

Insert thumbnails or text?
If 'Thumbnails' is chosen here it will look quite like category view in JoomGallery because thumbnails are inserted and positioned in the text.
For that, the additional options 'Limit', 'Columns' and 'Ordering' are available.

With selecting 'Linked text' a specified text will be inserted and linked with category view of the chosen category.
This text must be specified at option 'Linked Text'.

This option will only be available if thumnails are to be inserted. You can specify the maximum number of images which shall be inserted with it.

This option will only be available if thumnails are to be inserted. Es kann hiermit dann festgelegt werden, auf wie viele Spalten die Thumbnails verteilt werden sollen.

This option will only be available if thumnails are to be inserted. Hiermit kann dann festgelegt werden, in welcher Reihenfolge die Thumbnails angezeigt werden sollen.

Verlinkter Text
This option will only be available if a linked text is to be inserted. This linked text must be specified here.

Tab "Upload Image"

This tab will only be displayed if the user is allowed to upload images.

For the frontend, this tab can be removed by disabling the backend parameter 'Allow Uploads' of the content plugin.

For inserting images into articles a user may upload a single image into a category here.

With backend parameter 'Upload Category IDs' of the content plugin you can des Content-Plugins könnt ihr die Auswahl an Kategorien, die dem Benutzer zum Upload über das PopUp zur Verfügung stehen, einschränken (aber nicht erweitern!).

  • Tipp: Ihr könnt in der Galerie eine Kategorie (oder auch mehrere) anlegen, die speziell für den Bilderupload von Bildern für Artikel da ist/sind. Wenn ihr den Parameter 'versteckt' dieser Kategorie(n) auf 'Ja' setzt, ist diese Kategorie in der normalen Galerie nicht sichtbar.
    Um diese Funktionalität verwenden zu können, muss zusätzlich der Backend Parameter 'Versteckte Inhalte' des Content-Plugins aktiviert sein.

Tab "Create Category"

This tab will only be displayed if the user is allowed to create categories.

For the frontend, this tab can be removed by disabling the backend parameter 'Create Categories' of the content plugin.

Mit dem Backend-Parameter 'Übergeordnete Kategorien IDs' des Content-Plugins könnt ihr die Auswahl an Kategorien, die dem Benutzer beim Erstellen neuer Kategorien als übergeordnete Kategorien im PopUp zur Verfügung stehen, einschränken (aber nicht erweitern!).

Backend Parameter

If you are editing the content plugin JoomPlu in plugin manager of Joomla! the following additional parameters are available:

Open images
With this parameter you can select what shall happen after clicking on a single inserted thumbnail or detail image.
This parameter affects only those images for which the detail view was selected for linking while inserting it.

Allow Uploads und Upload-Kategorien IDs
Please see the description for tab 'Upload Image' for more information about that.

Create categories und Übergeordnete Kategorien IDs
Please see the description for tab 'Create Category' for more information about that.

Display hidden contents
If this option is enabled you can insert hidden images and images of hidden categories as well. With that it is possible to maintain images with JoomGallery which are only used in articles and which shouldn't appear in the normal gallery.

Gallery style
This option should be enabled if the CSS files of the gallery shall always be loaded if the content plugin displays images. With that it is possible that images in articles are styled in exactly the same way than images in the gallery. The CSS files will automatically be always loaded if a category is inserted into an article, regardless of this option.

It may happen that an image inserted into an article is deleted or cannot be displayed due to missing access rights. If option 'Messages' is enabled you will automatically be informed about that via the private messaging system in the backend of Joomla!. This way, you don't have to check your articles all the time whether there's still everything alright. If you get a message with information about the problem you will just have to go to the correspondent article and fix it.

If only certain administrators shall receive these messages you can specify them here by inserting the IDs of them (separated by commas). If this field is left empty automatically all users with enabled option 'Receive System Mails' are informed.

In the second slider of the backend parameters you will find Im zweiten Slider der Parameter findet Ihr im Großen und Ganzen all die Parameter wieder, die Euch im PopUp des Editorbuttons beim Einfügen von Inhalten zur Verfügung stehen.
Hier im Backend habt ihr die Möglichkeit für diese Parameter Standardwerte festzulegen, was zum Beispiel hilfreich sein kann, um viel Klick-Arbeit zu Ersparen, falls Ihr die meisten Bilder immer mit den gleichen Einstellungen einfügen wollt.
Wir verzichten hier dann auf eine zweite Beschreibung dieser Parameter, nur eine Option sei noch erwähnt:

Additional settings
The content plugin uses the interface of JoomGallery for inserting the contents, in which many different settings can be done as described in the API documentation.
All of these options can be used by the parameter 'Additional Settings' in the content plugin. E.g. the following options are part of that:

  • group
  • type
  • hidebackend


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