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The following description refers to the module version 1.5.5.

The module shows the categories and subcategories of the gallery in the way you know from a explorer showing a files ystem. It gives a quick overview of the total existing categories in the gallery and is ideally suited to quickly and easily navigate between them. To generate the dynamic view of the tree the module uses a slightly modified dTree javascript, which is already included in Joomla!. The javascript uses cookies to "remember" the tree view.

The module must be installed within Joomla!'s extension manager. After installation it may be configured in Joomla!'s module manager.

Backend parameters

Common parameters

Module class suffix
A suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the module. This allows individual module styling.

An Itemid, which will be used in links to the JoomGallery categories. If you leave this field empty, the Default Itemid configured in JoomGallery's Configuration Manager is used (see General Settings>>Additional Functions). If this field is empty too, the Itemid will be computed automatically.

Root category ID
This parameter specifies the category, which serves as root for the tree view. So it is possible to show only a certain part of the gallery. The ID belonging to a category can be figured out in JoomGallery's category manager. If the value for the root category is "0", the whole gallery will be shown in the tree view.

A name for the tree view, which is shown as caption of the root node. If you leave that field blank, the name of the gallery specified in the JoomGallery's language file is used (JGS_COMMON_GALLERY). This setting is only effective, if the root category is set to "0". Otherwise the caption of the root node corresponds to the name of the specified category.

Category sorting
Sorting order of the categories in the tree view. This setting refers only to the first level categories. You can choose between

You can find and optionally modify the ordering number in JoomGallery's category manager.

Subcategory sorting
Sorting order of the subcategories in the tree view. This setting refers to all subcategory levels. For possible options see "Category sorting".

Category filter
Here you can enter the ID's of the categories or subcategories (comma separated), which will be filtered out from displaying in the tree view (subcategories of the specified categories are automatically filtered out too). The ID belonging to a category can be figured out in JoomGallery's category manager.

Maximum text length
Specifies the number of characters to which the category names have to be reduced ("0" means no reduction).

Show links to open/close all nodes
If set to "Yes" links are shown in the module header to open/close all nodes of the tree view.

Show back link to
Most of the icons used in the module come from Mark James.To act properly to his license agreement this parameter should be activated. In that case a small link to the icon developer's site is shown in the module footer.

Consider JoomGallery's user access rights
You can choose, whether the JoomGallery's user access rights configuration should be considered. In principle this parameter should be set to "Yes". Have a look at JoomGallery's category manager (access) and the settings in the configuration manager according to the RM and SM categories. Is this parameter set to "No" the tree view may display categories to a user, that normally should not be shown to him/her because of his/her restricted access rights.

Parameters to configure the view

Icon theme
Determines the icon theme used for the tree view. You can select between

Show grid
Enables or disables the indication of a grid.

Background color of selected node
The background color for the selected resp. active tree node (e.g. #FFFFFF for white).

The module uses two CSS files, dtree.css and jgtreeview.css. They are located in the modules subdirectory "assets/css". In order to adapt the module's look to your personal preferences feel free to modify the corresponding CSS definitions.