The module JoomJComments integrates the comment component JComments in the JoomGallery. So you you can replace the simple internal commenting system of the gallery with this extension.

Just like the module JoomJomComments you can install it via the Joomla! Extension manager. Then you can find it in the Module manager (Name: JoomJComments) where you can activate and publish it at the desired position.

To comment only images you can use the module positions 'jg_detailbtm' or 'jg_detailpane'. For more information about module positions please have a look here.

If you want to have comments for categories instead publish the module at position 'jg_btm_cat'.

Of course both commenting of images and categories is possible. Then you have to make a copy of the module in the module manager.

In addition your users can comment the whole gallery. Please make a copy of the module and publish them at the position 'jg_btm_gal'. Then you can see a comment field in the gallery view.

Now, you don't need the internal commenting system of JoomGallery anymore, so please deactivate it in the Configuration Manager:

User Access Rights -> Comments -> Allow comments -> No
Category View -> General Settings -> Show comments -> No

To show the number of comments at the thumbnails please install and activate the plugin JoomJComments.

Download JoomJComments


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