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In the second part of the configuration for the defaultview we have a look at the parameters for output of the text elements, the scrolling and the common alignment.

Parameters for Default View 2

Parameters default view (2)

Show text
When set to 'No' the following parameters for showing the text elements are ignored. So only the picture will be displayed.

Picture title
Displays the title of the picture

Word wrap title
At which number of chars should a line break be inserted? If setted to '0' the title (one long word without spaces) will be shown in one line.

Picture description
Displays the description of the picture

Max. description length
Max. number of chars after the description should be shortened

Word wrap text
At which number of words should a line break be inserted?

User to Number of Comments
Display of the text element

With activated comment elements (date/text/count) pictures with no comments are not displayed.

max. comment length and Linebreak comment
see 'max. description length' and 'word wrap text'

Link to all comments
Outputs a link to the comments in detail view

Picture scroll
With this setting you can realize a little slideshow with help from the <marquee> HTML-Tag.

This HTML Tag is part of the upcoming CSS3 Standard. At the moment this tag introduced by 
Microsoft is meant as proprietary. So there can be some issues in certain browsers.
Please make a test with all actual browsers, especially Opera (our experience).

Scroll direction
Choose the direction the picture are moving

Height/Width of scrollfield
Dimensions of the 'box' in which the pictures are scrolling in/out.

Scrollamount and Scrolldelay
These settings determine the fluid movement of the scroll animation. Scrollamaount means the number of pixel between two scroll states. Scrolldelay describes the amount of milliseconds for pausing between two scroll states.

Stope the show when moving the mouse pointer overit.

Horizontal direction and Vertical direction
The alignment of image- and text elements.

If activated the rows gets alternating the css class 'sectiontableentry1' and 'sectiontableentry2'. So you can set in your template css different background colors.

Show Border to Padding of border to image
In the last parameters of default view you can define a border for the image. Please insert a valid code in 'Color of border' like '#000000' not '00000'. Or the short one '#000' if possible.
'Width of border' and 'Padding of border to image' need an entry like '2px' or '0.2em', not '2'.


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