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In default view several pictures from the JoomGallery are shown at the same time. Apart from the 'general parameters' already explained here you can make further settings. As already mentioned: Test the settings gradually and not several at one time. This means particularly the parameters for resizing the pictures and the text outputs.

Parameters for Default View 1

Parameters default view (1)

Number of columns
Here you can set in how many columns the pictures are shown. So you indirectly set the number of rows. For example the output of 10 pictures in 4 columns will result in 3 rows. According to the number of columns and the width of the pictures it can happen that the paddings between the pictures disappear and in worst case the pictures can overlap.

Example (3 columns):

Example for Default View

In this case you can experiment with the settings of the resize settings to get back the padding. Or decrease the number of columns.

Outputting several images (e.g. if placing the module in an article or at a module position of JoomGallery) it could be helpful to show them in a paginated view.

Number of images: 9
Number of columns: 3
Images in pagination: 3
Pagination position: Above

Please keep in mind that all images are loaded in background. After that with javascript/CSS the first paginated site will be shown. When clicking at another site link in pagination the previous images are dimmed out and the next will be shown. A refresh in browser will result in a jump to first paginated site.


  • No: no link
  • JoomGallery Default: according to the settings in JoomGallery link to detail view or animated view directly in e.g. slimbox
  • Kategorie: show category view
  • New Window: open the image in a new broser window
  • Javascript window:
  • DHTML/Thickbox/Slimbox: please read the explanation at configuration manager of JoomGallery -> detail view
  • Plugin: if there are plugins for JoomGallery e.g. Shadowbox or Highslide JS installed and enabled you can activate their views with this option.

Message if there are no pictures
When the module cannot find pictures due to your settings it can output an information about it.

Orientation of pictures

Set here the output of the picture in orientation to the text elements.
Note: When setted to 'left' or 'right' from the text and there is not enough space left in width the text will be display below the pictures.

Dynamic cropping/Width/Height
If activated, an additional script will calculate a part of the image. Therefore an output of images with equal dimensions can be approchaed e.g. squared thumbnails.
Have a look at the footer of this site to see an example:

Number of images: 10
Number of columns: 5
Dynamic cropping: Yes
Width: 60
Height: 60

In viewing many and big source images like the originals from JoomGallery the script can
have a certain payload to processor ressources. So it could last a time before the images
are calculated and shown. All other sizing parameters below are ignored.

CSS size definitions and CSS max. size
Sometimes the outputted thumbnails have not the same format (portrait/landscape or proportions 2:3/3:4) and does not fit in every case for showing them in the module. You can resize the pictures with this settings without losing the proportions.

Example: you have thumbnails with a max. edge (width/height) of 133px and you want to output them in resizing them ti 100px in max. edge. Set 'CSS max. size' to '100' and 'CSS Size definitions' to 'Yes'.
This will result in an individual CSS setting for each picture.

You can choose bigger values than the real picture dimensions. But it will result in blurry 
and pixelized pictures. With activated 'CSS size definitions' the settings in 'Width of pictures' and 'Height of pictures' are ignored.

Width of pictures
and Height of pictures
While the 'CSS size defintions' allows an indivudal styling of the picture you can set here size definition of all pictures.


  • Width of all pictures -> 100px
    Width of pictures: 100
    height of pictures: <no entry>

  • Height of all pictures -> 100px
    Width of pictures: <no entry>
    Height of pictures: 100

  • Width and height of all pictures -> 100px (square thumbnails)
    Width of pictures: 100
    Height of pictures: 100
With activated 'CSS size definitions' or 'Dynamic cropping' the settings here are ignored


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