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Common parameters

Here you can set the view of default or slideshow. Furthermore e.g. the selection of images and the sorting.

Common Parameters

Module Class Suffix
Normally the HTML output of the module is surrounded from a <div class="moduletable">. To allow individual styling you can insert here a text e.g. '_jimg'. The output would be a <div class="moduletable_jimg">. Then you can style the module in CSS. At the beginning you can leave this field empty.

When the cache in Joomla! has been activated setting to 'Yes' will result in caching the module output with a better performance but sometimes it breaks the view with no including f the CSS. So in this case set this option off.

Choose here a value for another Itemid if needed

Show Default view or slideshow
In default view pictures are shown in e.g several rows and columns. In 'More parameters for the default view' you can adjust this more in detail. The mootools based slideshow displays one picture at the same time from the collection of pictures you have chosen. More settings in 'more parameters for slideshow'.

Number of pictures
Here you can specify how many pictures are to be determined at maximum from the JoomGallery. It is possible that due to further settings this number can't be reached. In worst case no picture will be displayed.

Determine here in which sorting the pictures will be shown

  • Random pictures: By the pictures read from database a randomly selection is made. With every refresh of the site other pictures will be displayed. This will only work when there are e.g. a selection of 20 pictures and a randomly display of 4 pictures. Otherwise you will see every time the same pictures. Only the sequence will change.

  • ID ascending/descending: Each new picture receives a higher ID in database. With “ID descending” the newest pictures, with “ID ascending” the oldest pictures first is thus shown. Choose this setting when you have uploaded more pictures a day and you want to have a more accurate sorting than 'Picture date'

  • Picture title: Sorting by the name of the title picture

  • File name: Sorting by the name of the file saved on the server

  • Picture date: Sorting by the day the picture was uploaded

  • Hits: By number of seeing the picture in detail view

  • Votes: By highest/lowest average rating

  • Number of votes: by highest/lowest number of votes

  • Sorting by the date of nametags ascending or descending
When selecting one of the following sort options, another DB query takes place to look only 
for commented pictures. If the comment function in JoomGallery is deactivated or no pictures
are commented yet the module will display no pictures.
  • Random comments: randomly display of commented pictures

  • Comment date: Sorting by pictures with newest/oldest comment first

  • Number of comments: by number of comments

Categories/Include subcategories/
Ignore or show categories
Here you can input the id's of categories from which pictures in the module are to be shown. Or insert here the id's to mark the excluded categories from which no pictures are to be shown in the module.
You can find the id's of the categories in the category manager of the JoomGallery. Separate several id's with a ','.

Example: The module should only display picture from categories with id's '3' and '4'.
Categories: 3,4
Ignore or show categories: Show

Setted 'Include subcategories' to 'Yes' you can decide if the dependent subcategories are always part of showing/hiding.

Adapt to categories
If the module and the JoomGallery are shown at the same time here you can determine whether the module shows only pictures from the category shown or not.


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