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The following description refers to the module version 1.5.5.

The module JoomCategories shows an adjustable number of categories, optionally with manually determined, randomly determined or without a thumbnail. In the module configuration one can choose between the display of the last added, the highest rated and the most viewed categories. The thumbnails can be linked either to the JoomGallery detail view or to the JoomGallery category view. Additionally opening a slideshow of the category is possible.

The module must be installed within Joomla!'s extension manager. After installation a lot of parameters are available in Joomla!'s module manager to configure the module.

Common parameters

Common backend parameters

Module class suffix
A suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the module. This allows individual module styling.

An Itemid, which will be used in links to the JoomGallery categories and images. If you leave this field empty, the Default Itemid configured in JoomGallery's Configuration Manager is used (see General Settings>>Additional Functions). If this field is empty too, the Itemid will be computed automatically.

Sort mode for showing categories
A selection of the

  • Last added
  • Top rated
  • Most viewed

categories is possible.

Number of categories
The maximum number of categories to be shown.

Root category ID
The categories to display will be determined only from these categories, that are child categories (and their childs) of the root category. The value of "0" means, that the entire gallery is taken into account for the determination of the categories. The ID belonging to a category can be figured out in JoomGallery's category manager.

Category filter
Here you can enter the IDs of the categories or subcategories (comma separated), which will be filtered out from displaying in the module view (subcategories of the specified categories are automatically filtered out too). The ID belonging to a category can be figured out in JoomGallery's category manager.

Thumbnail display mode
The following choices are possible:

  • Random thumbnail, that means a random thumbnail for each category is determined and displayed in the module view.
  • Manual setting, that means the thumbnails selected in JoomGallery's category manager will be displayed.
  • None, that means no category thumbnails will be shown.

Thumbnail link
The following choices are possible:

  • None, that means the thumbnail is not linked.
  • Detail view, that means the thumbnail is linked to JoomGallery's detail view. The way of presenting the detail view is set in JoomGallery's configuration manager (Standard, Slimbox, Thickbox ...).
  • Category view, that means the thumbnail is linked to JoomGallery's category view.
  • Slideshow, that means a popup window showing a slideshow of all pictures of the category is opened. The slideshow uses the same configuration parameters set in JoomGallery's configuration manager.

Show category title
Enables/Disables the showing of the category title.

Enable link on category title
Enables/Disables a link to JoomGallery's category view on the category title.

Show rating
Select whether to display the average rating for the category. The setting is only effective, if the Sort mode for showing categories is set to "Top rated".

Show hits
Select whether to display the sum of all image requests for the category. The setting is only effective if the Sort mode for showing categories is set to "Most viewed".

Show category description
You can choose to show the category description for each category.

Show image description
You can choose to show the image description for each thumbnail displayed.

Consider JoomGallery's user access rights
You can choose, whether the JoomGallery's user access rights configuration should be considered when displaying the categories. In principle this parameter should be set to "Yes". Have a look at the access settings in JoomGallery's category manager. Is this parameter set to "No" the module may display categories to a user, that normally should not be shown to him/her because of his/her restricted access rights.

Parameters to configure the view

Backend view parameters

Number of columns
It is possible to show the categories in the module view in multiple columns. With the parameter you specify the number of columns for each row of categories. Ensure, that there is enough space available in you template for the number you have chosen.

Thumbnail dimension change, Dimension value in pixel
You can adapt the thumbnail sizes either to have all the same width or the same height by the value given in Dimension value in pixel. This is done by CSS.

Thumbnail position, Horizontal alignment
You can determine how to position the category thumbnail in relation to the text (category title, category description etc.). Not all combinations of both parameters are effective due to the tableless design of the module template.

Show border, Border width, Border style, Border color, Border padding, Background color
With all these parameters you can style the border of the thumbnails.

Show short texts
Select whether the short texts should only be displayed (Removal of descriptive attributes like "Category:" or "Description:" in the category title and description).

Show horizontal ruler
It is possible to show a horizontal ruler between each row of categories displayed in the module view.

Reset CSS for lists
For displaying the texts (category title, category description etc.) the module uses list tags (ul, li). You can try to overwrite your template styles for lists by activating this parameter to achieve a more neutral way of displaying the texts.

Show additional link, Alignment of the link, Text of the link
It is possible to show an additional link at the bottom of the module. You can choose between a link to JoomGallery's gallery view or to JoomGallery's category view (specified with the parameter Root category ID). The alignment and the text are also configurable.


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