Template Overrides

Template overrides are a powerful tool for customising your output of components and modules.

In Joomla it's very easy to create those overrides and JoomGallery supports that fully for every single view. So you are able to customise the layout of Joomla until it perfectly fits into your site.

The procedure is described here in general, please read that article first.

Nevertheless we will describe it here with examples of JoomGallery, too.

In order to create such an override only one step is necessary: Copying the layout file you want to override into the 'html' directory of your template, but it needs to be the correct one.

For this please have a look into the folder 'components/com_joomgallery/views/'. There you can find directories for each view of the gallery and in each of these directories there is a folder called 'tmpl'. All files in these 'tmpl' folders can be overridden in your template.

For example have a look in folder 'components/com_joomgallery/views/favourites/tmpl'. There are two different layouts: 'default.php' and 'list.php'. The other files there are included by these two according to their name. Please also note that you can find this structure again while creating a new menu item for JoomGallery in the menu manager.

Now the important thing:
If you want to override the detail view for example please download file


and upload it again into directory


If this directory structure doesn't exist (which is most probably the case if you are doing this the first time) you will have to create the folders first.

Overriding gallery view would mean to copy file




As you can see the 'tmpl' folders is left out while creating the structure in the template.
So in general the new paths in the template look like this:


Please note that the main layout files (e.g. called 'default.php' or 'list.php') include other layout files like 'default_header.php' or 'list_footer.php'. You are able to override them also or even only them by only copying these sub-files.


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