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Step 7: Setting Up the Gallery

Since most probably at the moment the gallery doesn't look like or have the functionality you want it to have you will have to configure the gallery.
Most of this is done in the configuration manager with all of its available settings. There are very many as you have probably seen before.
It is very important that you really have a look at all the options and read all descriptions there in order to learn what the gallery is able to do.

We recommend to start with the settings in tab 'General Settings' -> 'Image processing' in order to determine the size of the automatically resized images. Please change the settings until the images perfectly fit into your template, but please note that a change of these settings will only be applied to images which are uploaded after the change (images uploaded before can be resized with the new settings by using the 'Recreate' button in image manager).

Then, play with all the other settings until the gallery works like you want it to work!

It is possible to have a very clean displaying of the whole gallery as well as to have very many options and community functions enabled.

If you still have any questions please use the search function in our forum, most probably some one had the same question afore!
If not, please don't hesitate to start a new thread!

Have fun with JoomGallery!



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