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Step 6: Creating a Menu Item

Until now we worked only in the backend, but of course finally you want to see the gallery in your page on the frontend. For that we have to create a menu item for JoomGallery.

In order to do that please go to 'Menus' -> 'mainmenu' (or any other already created menu) and click on the toolbar button 'New'.

You will see a list of the installed components then, so please click on 'JoomGallery'. With that the list will be expanded to show the available views of JoomGallery with their layouts. For starting please select the default layout of the view 'Gallery (default)'.
After clicking on the layout you will be able to type in the displayed name of the menu item into field called 'Title'. Please do so (for example simply 'Gallery') and press 'Save' in the toolbar.

If you go to your site in the frontend then, a new menu item in your selected menu should have appeared. After clicking on it you will see the gallery view of JoomGallery in your site which shows the category you created.

Please don't hesitate to click on each link in the gallery and see what happens.

Menu Manager Add Menu Item Save Menu Item


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