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Step 3: Choosing Image Folders

By default JoomGallery stores all uploaded images into sub-folders of 'images/joomgallery/' (these are created automatically). If you don't want to change that please simply jump to step 4.

Otherwise, if you want to move the image directories into another folder (for example since you don't want the string 'joomgallery' to appear in your image paths) please move the three folders you find in 'images/joomgallery/' to another place with the help of an FTP client (Note: At the moment the images cannot be stored outside of the Joomla! root directory!).

After that please go to 'JoomGallery' -> 'Configuration Manager' in the backend. In the tab 'General Settings' -> 'Paths and Directories' the image directories will be marked red then. Please correct them according to the new locations and press 'Apply' in the toolbar above until all directories are marked green again.
If you have problems with that please contact us in the forum.



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