Module Positions

As promised before we will place in the gallery several module positions. So you can include e.g. ads banner or additional information to your visitors. Here a litte howto about using this module positions.
At the moment this 4 positions exist:

  • jg_top: Modules at this position will be shown above the Pathway of the JoomGallery
  • jg_btm: Display above the credits at the bottom
  • jg_detailbtm: below the detail picture and the motiongallery
  • jg_detailpane: In detail view below the picture information. If accordion activated within a slider.

If you need more positions ask at the forum.

To publish a module at one of these positions click in the text inputfield of the combo box 'Position' and type in the name of the position. It's not possible to select the position with clicking on the box because then you can see only positions provided by the template.

Modul Positions

Since version 1.5.0 of the JoomGallery you can make the positions to load the module more individual. For example you wat to see a module above the pathway but only on the startpage of the gallery, the gallery view.

You can reach this with the more specified position 'jg_top_gal'. The Position 'jg_top' means as described showing the module above the pathway and the suffix '_gal' leads to displaying the module only at the gallery view.

If there are more modules positioned at 'jg_top' they will be shown furthermore on all pages of the gallery.

You can use the following suffixes:

  • _gal: Display only at gallery view
  • _cat: Display only at category view
  • _dtl: Display only at detail view
  • _spc: Display only at toplist view and the site with the search results
  • _fav: Display only at the site with the favorites
  • _usp: Display only at the userpanel
  • _upl: Display only at the upload site

We thought this are the most essential ones. But you can control other sites in the gallery by using the value assigned to 'view' as suffix. You can find them in the URL on each site (e.g. &view=downloadzip).

So 'jg_btm_downloadzip' would load a module at the bottom in the gallery, but only at the site where you can download a zip with your favorites.


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