Additional Fields for Images and Categories

This article explains how to use the JoomGallery plugins JoomAdditionalImageFields and JoomAdditionalCategoryFields to extend the image resp. category information with additional, user defined information.

For that you first have to install one (or both) of the plugins, dependent on whether you need the additional information fields for images, categories or both. Don't forget to activate the plugin(s) in the Plugin Manager of Joomla!. After completing the installation please rename the file(s) 'additional.tmp.xml' in the folder 'plugins/joomgallery/joomadditionalimagefields/additionalfields/' resp. 'plugins/joomgallery/joomadditionalcategoryfields/additionalfields/' to 'additional.xml'. After that you will find an additional slider resp. fieldset with 'Additional Fields' in JoomGallery's backend resp. frontend in the respective edit view (either image or category edit view). You will not find any 'Additional Fields' in any JoomGallery upload form yet.

The additional fields you can see are just some example fields showing what is possible. If filled with data, the information will be displayed in the frontend views (gallery, category, detail view). To define your individual additional fields you have to adapt the respective XML file(s) 'additional.xml' to suite your needs. Therefore you need some further Joomla! knowledge about Joomla! forms and Joomla! fields. For now, please consult the Joomla! documentation for details.

This documentation will be extended and will become more detailed soon.


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